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Functional & Performance Assessments

First Move Well, then Move Often

Move well.

As humans we were born to move. From infancy we inherently learned to stabilize, balance and control our movement. Throughout our lives injuries, repetitive stress, poor posture, and lifestyle choices teach our bodies to compensate and develop poor movement patterns. Once learned, these compensatory patterns of movement lead us down a path of overuse and dysfunction, significantly increasing our injury risk and odds of having pain with movement. As a result, our first step in designing your training program is to determine how well you currently move with our Functional Assessments. These assessments allow us to develop a personalized program to correct any underlying movement deficiencies, allowing you to first move well before you move often.

Our Functional Assessments include:

Move often.

Once your moving well we are then ready to assess how well you are able to apply these movement patterns to your sport with our Performance Assessments. These assessments will provide us with a baseline of your power, strength, stability, endurance, and speed. These assessments give you the opportunity to monitor your progress during training, providing evidence of your performance gains. This allows us to structure your individualized training program, developing each of the necessary variables to improve your performance and maintain your ability to move well and often with a reduced risk of injury.

Our Performance Assessments include: