McKenzie Method (MDT)

McKenzie method

Dr. Kielbasa is one of only a select few licensed chiropractors to also be certified in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy in the country. This certification includes taking post-graduate coursework in the technique along with the passing of a credentialing exam.

McKenzie Method is a specific form of mechanical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs) disorders. It is one of the most highly researched and respected forms of assessment and treatment for many common musculoskeletal ailments including:
  • Low Back Pain with/without symptoms travelling into your legs
  • Neck Pain with/without symptoms travelling into your arms
  • Hip pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
Its focus is on helping you become more active regarding your treatment to aid and increase the likelihood of your condition healing in a more rapid amount of time. Following an appropriate assessment, the patient is properly educated on exercises and prevention strategies to help improve the condition, but more importantly on how to maintain and prevent recurrence of the problem. This technique will aid in:
  • Decreasing pain more rapidly
  • Restoring function and independence
  • Reducing the number of visits to assisted therapy (chiropractic, physical therapy, etc.)
  • Reduce the risk of recurrence and improve ability to self manage your condition
This method of assessment has also been shown to be a great predictor of how patients will respond to conservative care; i.e. a more immediate way to determine whether or not your condition is likely to respond to conservative therapeutic interventions (chiropractic, physical therapy, etc.) or if you require referral to another health specialist (orthopedist, neurologist, etc.). Following this assessment, you will also have a better understanding of:
  • How your problem began
  • What activities, positions, and movements worsen your problem
  • What activities, exercises, and ergonomic corrections are necessary to help your problem
  • How to improve your problem long-term without dependency on medication or assisted therapy
McKenzie method is one of the most widely researched and well supported therapeutic interventions for musculoskeletal complaints. The following are research links for this therapeutic strategy:

For more information, please visit the McKenzie website by clicking here.