Mission, Vision, & Values


Align Chiropractic Spine & Sports Rehab is committed to providing our patients with a better quality of life through evidence-based, clinically proven, and well-researched therapeutic options for common ailments that negatively impact their everyday quality of life.


Align Chiropractic Spine & Sports Rehab strives to provide our patients with leading individualized therapeutic plans incorporating the most effective, efficient, and clinically proven forms of care to optimize treatment outcomes and patient goals.


  • Ethical - honorable, well-accepted standards of care
  • Honest - creating trust, through truthful advice and care
  • Integrity - establishing confidence through a sound and reputable practice
  • Research - keeping up with the latest in therapeutic scientific research to uphold and provide our patients with the most current and advanced care available
  • Knowledge - Empowering our patients to know more about their ailments to better care for their health
  • Patient-centered - our patients are the primary reason for the passion of our practice
  • Patient-specific - individualized care for individual concerns
  • Education - improving our understanding of the most current therapeutic interventions and diagnostic procedures through continuing education
  • Rapport - maintaining positive relationships and communication with other health care providers for better continuity of our patients overall care